FF Tunes        The MORE FRIENDS concert ended with a bang!
Did everyone have a good time?

Thank you very much for the roaring cheers. The members of TBM (including myself of course), had a fantastic time in their first North American live concert. We say this from the heart, truly!

I am thinking of including more ideas when I return next time.
I can't wait till we all meet again!
- Nobuo Uematsu
Album Cover
FINAL FANTASY Original Soundtrack
Released : May 10th, 2005
Total Tracks : 20
Artists : Nobuo Uematsu
This album holds a very important place in Final Fantasy's long history, marking the starting point of the series. Because the music was for a Famicom game, it may sound cheap by today's audio standards. But keep in mind that these tracks were created when only three notes could be reproduced simultaneously along with noise. Though nearly twenty years have passed, we hope that you find the music hasn't lost its charm.
2Opening Theme
3Castle Cornelia
4Main Theme
5Chaos Shrine
6Matoya's Cave
9Sailing Ship
10Sunken Shrine
12Menu Screen
14Mt. Gulg
15Flying Fortress
18End Theme
19Game Over
20Save Jingle