FF Tunes        The MORE FRIENDS concert ended with a bang!
Did everyone have a good time?

Thank you very much for the roaring cheers. The members of TBM (including myself of course), had a fantastic time in their first North American live concert. We say this from the heart, truly!

I am thinking of including more ideas when I return next time.
I can't wait till we all meet again!
- Nobuo Uematsu
Album Cover
FINAL FANTASY VI Original Soundtrack
Released : March 25th, 1994
Total Tracks : 61
Artists : Nobuo Uematsu
This was a project that gave me a great deal of personal satisfaction. It felt like we were really able to nicely tie up what we did in FFIV and FFV. When I listen to it, I still get this sense of calm. There's a sense of wholeheartedness to it.
2 The Mines of Neshe
4 Locke's Theme
6Victory Fanfare
7Edgar & Sabin's Theme
8 Kefka
9 Mt. Koltz
10 The Returners
11 Shadow's Theme
12Troops March On
13 Cyan's Theme
14 The Unforgiven
15 Phantom Forest
16 Phantom Train
17 The Veldt
18 Gau's Theme
19The Serpent Trench
20Kids Run Through the City
21Under Martial Law
22Celes's Theme
23 Protect the Espers !
24 The Decisive Battle
25 Metamorphosis
26 Terra's Theme
27 Coin of Fate
28 Techno de Chocobo
29Forever Rachel
30 Slam Shuffle
31 Spinach Rag
33Aria di Mezzo Carattere
34 Wedding Waltz - Duel
35Grand Finale
36Setzer's Theme
37 Johnny C. Bad
38The Gestahl Empire
39 Magitek Research Facility
40 The Airship Blackjack
41 What? 2
42Mog's Theme
43 Strago's Theme
44 Relm's Theme
45Esper World
46Floating Continent
48Battle to the Death
49Rest in Peace
50 Dark World
51From That Day On
52Searching for Friends
53Gogo's Theme
55 The Magic House
56 Umaro's Theme
57The Fanatics
58Kefka's Tower
59 Dancing Mad
60Balance Is Restored
61The Prelude