Square Enix Terms for Submissions of Materials

Thank you for applying to work with Square Enix. In general, we ask you to refrain from sending
us any attachments except for your résumé. However, for some jobs, we may ask to see
additional material, such as a portfolio of work or a work sample, for evaluation purposes. If a
job description requests additional materials, then the following terms and conditions will apply.

We will use your submitted material for evaluation purposes. We will not distribute any copies
of the material to any unaffiliated third parties. We will return or destroy all copies of your
material upon completion of our review or upon your earlier request. Square Enix engages in a
continuous program to develop new products and ideas internally, and we also regularly receive
other submissions for consideration. Sometimes, the products, ideas or concepts developed
internally by us or submitted by other people may be similar to yours. As a result, we cannot
agree to treat as confidential any material you submit, even if it is marked as confidential or
proprietary. Further, our review of your submitted material does not imply that we will use,
develop or market your material. Nor does our review of your submission prevent us from using,
developing, or marketing technologies, ideas or products that may be similar in concept or idea
to your submission. By sending us any materials, you confirm your agreement to these
Terms for Submission of Materials.