Do you have what it takes to aid Square Enix in its mission to dazzle the world? Then maybe you should consider joining Visual Works!

Our CG movie production department, Visual Works, is known for its involvement in the creation of in-game CG movies for the Final Fantasy series, among others, as well as the production of the feature-length film, FINAL FANTASY VII ADVENT CHILDREN.

With the widespread diffusion of HD-compatible environments in the global marketplace, the skill level required for people working in the CG movie development field has increased dramatically.
Visual Works is currently working on several projects including large-scale group behavioral control system development, high-quality high-efficiency rendering technology development, large-scale asset management system development, and 64 bit development environment maintenance.

Why not experience technological development on a global stage? Working with Visual Works, you'll have the opportunity to tackle a variety of exciting challenges in our department's Engineering field.