CG Movie Programmer (Rendering)

* Shader development
* Rendering-related tool development
* Rendering pipeline design, development, and operation
* High-speed rendering system development
* Maintenance of existing programs
* Providing various support for in-house designers

Recommended Qualifications:
* Development experience in C/C++
* Experience with script languages such as shell, perl, and python
* Windows or Linux development experience
* Basic knowledge in CG media production and general image processing
* Basic knowledge of 3D data production flow
* Experience with MayaAPI/MEL
* Rendering-related knowledge
* Experience using renderers
* Above-average communication skill in English or Japanese


General Details:

Starting salary based on experience and ability in accordance with company regulations. Age is not a determining factor.
Bonuses, raises awarded based on ability and project achievements.

[Included Benefits]
Local transportation expenses, social insurance (complete), use of Health Insurance Society facilities, yearly physical exam

[Job Location]
Tokyo, Japan (Shinjuku)

[Work Hours]
Square Enix employs the Discretionary Labor System.
All employees must clock in by 11:00 AM. Actual daily work schedules are set freely by the employee based on his/her workload/current tasks.
1 day of work is equivalent to 8 hours labor.
Please note that as per SQEX regulations, some positions may not employ the Discretionary Labor System.

Weekends (Saturdays and Sundays), Japanese national holidays, year-end holidays, annual paid holidays (actual number varying with length of contract)
bereavement leave, "refresh" holidays earned on a project basis, etc.

[Visa Support]
SQEX will provide assistance in obtaining a Japan work visa.

Required for Application:

Please send all required documents, including a resume complete with picture and a comprehensive list of work experience, by mail to the address listed below.

Regarding the Resume
Be sure to include the following information:
(1) Desired Position/Type of Employment
(2) E-mail address

Required Documents
* 1 page documenting your knowledge in CG-related programming, and which hardware and programming languages you can use.
* A summary of a program you have built.
* If you have video of the program, please send them via DVD or VHS.
* If you submit video, be sure to also include a printed still copy of the portions you worked on, or wish to bring our attention to.

Application Address
Square Enix Co., Ltd. HP Employment Division
Tokyo Shinjuku Post Office
163-8799  Japan

*All samples submitted with the application will be returned after the application process.
*A decision will be made approximately 40 days from receiving an application.
*All applicants will be informed whether they have been accepted or denied a position