Square Enix U.S.A. announces details for FINAL FANTASY X-2 and greatest hits version of FINAL FANTASY X

September 02, 2003

Square Enix U.S.A. announces details for FINAL FANTASY X-2 and greatest hits version of FINAL FANTASY X
FINAL FANTASY X, Prequel to FINAL FANTASY X-2, Achieves "Greatest Hits" Status
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LOS ANGELES, Calif., (September 2, 2003)
Square Enix U.S.A., Inc. ("Square Enix USA"), the publisher of Square Enix™ products in North America, announced today that FINAL FANTASY® X-2, the direct sequel to FINAL FANTASY X, for the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system and the first all-female-led FINAL FANTASY game, will ship to retailers early December 2003. The company also announced that FINAL FANTASY X has been added to Sony Computer Entertainment America’s "Greatest Hits" series.

"We are very pleased with success that FINAL FANTASY X has achieved, both in sales and industry recognition, and excited to continue the journey in FINAL FANTASY X-2," said Jun Iwasaki, chief executive officer and president of Square Enix USA. "While FINAL FANTASY X-2 is a sequel, it is in many ways a new game and the first in the series led by an all-female cast.".

Originally released in December 2001 in North America, FINAL FANTASY X is the first title in the award-winning, role-playing game (RPG) series for the PlayStation 2. To date, more than 1.8 million units have shipped in North America and 5.9 million units worldwide. The "Greatest Hits" edition of the game is available now with a suggested retail price of $19.99 US. FINAL FANTASY X-2 was released in Japan in March 2003 and shipped approximately 2 million units in the 1st month of its release.
FINAL FANTASY X-2 is the first sequel in the long respected series. While keeping to series traditions, the sequel stays fresh with several new elements. Among them, the reintroduction of the ATB (active time battle) system accelerates the pace and excitement of battles. FINAL FANTASY X-2 is also the first mission-based FINAL FANTASY, allowing for non-linear gameplay and features new and unique job classes, which provide diverse looks for the leading female characters and an enhanced character development system. The first female-led FINAL FANTASY hails the return of a free-spirited Yuna, her enthusiastic cousin Rikku and introduces Paine, their sarcastic, hardnosed friend. The game is filled with light-hearted and melancholy moments, fueled by a tragic story of unrequited love and ominous secrets that threaten the peace of their world, Spira.

Taking place two years after Yuna’s fateful journey to defeat Sin in FINAL FANTASY X, the once chaotic world of Spira has gone through a massive transformation, entering a period of "Eternal Calm." Despite the Calm, Yuna’s heart is empty and longs for her lost love. When she obtains a mystical sphere that contains imagery of what might be the Blitzball player she thought was gone forever, Yuna is driven to seek the truth behind what she has seen.

Throughout the land of Spira, players will find "spheres" which contain visual recordings of historical events. The trio of "sphere hunters" - Yuna, Rikku and Paine - is out to search and collect the spheres. "Dress spheres" are also collected, opening up different types of jobs ranging from Warrior, White Mage, Alchemist to Trainer and many more, all of which can be changed in the heat of battle. In addition, dynamic movements have been incorporated into gameplay resulting in a deeper immersion of the game.

FINAL FANTASY X-2 will be available at a suggested retail price of $49.99 US. This title is rated "T" (Teen).
FINAL FANTASY X features a star Blitzball player named Tidus who, after miraculously surviving the destruction of his homeland, awakens among ruins and thereafter meets a young woman named Yuna. As a summoner, Yuna must travel to distant temples and learn the secret art of summoning aeons-powerful spirits of yore, in order to defeat "Sin." Tidus learns that a thousand years in the past, mankind lived in spectacular cities and relied on machines for everything, until Sin suddenly appeared and destroyed all civilization. Now people shun technology, and no one knows when "Sin" will strike again. FINAL FANTASY X features a distinct Asian influence, bringing a fresh feel to the characters, music, settings and story. This title is rated "T" (Teen).
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