Square Enix and Disney Interactive's KINGDOM HEARTS CHAIN OF MEMORIES for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance system ships December 7

November 10, 2004

Square Enix and Disney Interactive's KINGDOM HEARTS CHAIN OF MEMORIES for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance system ships December 7
New Role-Playing Game Extends The Adventure Between KINGDOM HEARTS and KINGDOM HEARTS II
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LOS ANGELES, CA (November 10, 2004)
Square Enix, Inc., the publisher of Square Enix™ interactive entertainment products in North America, and Disney Interactive, a publishing label of Buena Vista Games, Inc., announced today that KINGDOM HEARTS CHAIN OF MEMORIES will ship to retailers nationwide on December 7th, in time for the holiday season. An action role-playing game exclusively for the NintendoR Game Boy® Advance, KINGDOM HEARTS CHAIN OF MEMORIES continues the collaboration between Square Enix and Disney Interactive. The marriage of characters and worlds both familiar and new adds another dimension to the KINGDOM HEARTS series, bringing it to life with breakthrough content crafted in the renowned Square Enix style.

KINGDOM HEARTS CHAIN OF MEMORIES will be released only for the Game Boy Advance. The game carries a suggested retail price of U.S. $34.99 and is rated "E" (Everyone).

”We are excited about bringing KINGDOM HEARTS to a broader audience by releasing this game on the GBA and hope that our fans from the first KINGDOM HEARTS will continue their journey,” said Ichiro Otobe, President and Chief Operating Officer of Square Enix, Inc. ”We hope to successfully expand our customer base by reaching out to players on a different platform.”

”The KINGDOM HEARTS franchise represents the best of the shared values of both companies in creating captivating characters, creative storytelling, and quality game play. With the success of the original game surpassing more than 4 million units worldwide, the franchise has touched consumers around the globe and resonates with Disney fans and core gamers alike,” said Graham Hopper, senior vice president and general manager, Buena Vista Games, Inc., ”This interest was illustrated by the delighted response of thousands of KINGDOM HEARTS fans and Walt Disney World guests at the recent appearance of Kingdom Hearts’ Sora, Goofy, and Donald Duck at the Magic Kingdom park.”

Bridging the gap between KINGDOM HEARTS and KINGDOM HEARTS II, KINGDOM HEARTS CHAIN OF MEMORIES begins where the original left off. As Sora, Donald, and Goofy continue their journey in search of Riku and the king of Disney Castle, they are guided to the mysterious Castle Oblivion by a robed man who leaves Sora with a riddle: ”Ahead lies something you need-but to claim it, you must lose something dear.”

With features never before seen on the Game Boy Advance, KINGDOM HEARTS CHAIN OF MEMORIES promises to deliver an unsurpassed gaming experience. Highlights include high-quality movie event sequences and a new card-based battle system. This intuitive system allows players to choose from various cards, each with an attack, ability, or other effect assigned to it. By ”stocking” multiple cards, players can amplify their power and unleash powerful combos, cast formidable magic, and create unique battle strategies. Some cards allow Sora to summon familiar characters from the original KINGDOM HEARTS to his side during battle. Cards are also the key to opening doors and traveling between worlds, as well as unlocking the intricate mysteries of Castle Oblivion.
KINGDOM HEARTS Awards and Accolades:
Best of E3 2002 - Best Presentation, Best RPG, Best Overall (IGN)
Best of E3 2002 - Best in Game Graphics, Best PS2 (Game Spy)
Best Use of License in PS2 game (Game Spy)
Reader's Choice, Best RPG (IGN/PS2)
Reader's Choice, Best Graphics (IGN/PS2)
Reader’s Choice, Best RPG (Game Pro)
Reader’s Choice, Best RPG (Game Now)
Reader’s Choice, Best RPG (OPM)
Excellence in Visual Arts (Game Developers Choice Awards)
SCEA’s Publisher’s Choice Award - Best RPG (SCEA Publisher Choice Awards)

KINGDOM HEARTS is the story of Sora, a 14-year-old boy whose world is shattered when a violent storm hits his island home, and he is separated from his two closest friends, Riku and Kairi. The storm scatters the three to different and unknown worlds. While searching for his friends in the mysterious Traverse Town, Sora meets Court Wizard Donald and Captain Goofy, who are on a mission to find the missing king of Disney Castle. The three learn of ominous creatures known as the Heartless, who join forces with Disney villains to realize their devious intentions. Sora, Donald. and Goofy team up to find Sora’s friends, return the king to his rightful position and save the world. In KINGDOM HEARTS, the player will journey through multiple Disney worlds and interact with their favorite Disney characters.

Additional information on the title can be found at www.kingdomhearts.com.
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