Xbox 360 LIVE Arcade


  • Genre: Action/Platformer
  • Release: 01.18.2012
  • You are Scarygirl, who after being abandoned and washed up on a deserted peninsula, is adopted by a intelligent giant octopus – Blister. When you start to have nightmares about a bearded man, Blister has no answers to who or where this man is. But Bunniguru, the mystical kung-fu rabbit, informs you he can be found in the city, so you set out to find the man in your haunting dreams.

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light

  • Genre: Action/Adventure
  • Release: 08.18.2010
  • LARA CROFT AND THE GUARDIAN OF LIGHT is the first ever downloadable, co-op action/adventure game featuring Lara Croft. This brand extension incorporates the hallmarks of the Tomb Raider franchise including exploration, discovery, platforming, and puzzle solving. LARA CROFT AND THE GUARDIAN OF LIGHT allows players to experience Lara Croft from an isometric viewpoint, and combines new gameplay features such as character progression, fun fast-paced combat, and elements of cooperation and competition.

Space Invaders Infinity Gene

  • Genre: Shooter
  • Release: 09.15.2010
  • Space Invaders, the game that defined video games for generations, is back with a new twist! The game starts off looking like the classic Space Invaders, but as you play through the game, it evolves. Unlock new stages, new power ups, and new features. In addition to Normal Mode, Challenge Mode pits you against 99 randomly-created stages. And Music Mode generates custom stages based on music stored on your console. The Invaders are back, and they're watching you. The more you play, the more the game evolves!

Moon Diver

  • Genre: Action
  • Release: TBA
  • At the dawn of the 22nd century, an evil power brought inanimate objects to life, and they turned on humanity. Bridges, cars, cups-the whole of humanity's creations turned on their makers. But hidden amongst humanity's survivors, an elite unit of specially trained ninja known as Moondivers has been lying in wait for orders to reclaim the planet. Today, those orders arrived.

Yosumin! Live

  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Release: 05.27.2009
  • Players must give a colorful panel of yosumin a sweeping glance, locate a square or rectangle with four corners of the same color and click on the corresponding yosumin to make them disappear. Enjoy an engaging puzzle-game experience just by following these simple rules.


  • Genre: Defensive Simulation
  • Release: 03.11.2009
  • Featuring jobs and locations from the popular FINAL FANTASY TACTICS series, this unique defensive simulation game requires players to strategically deploy units to fend off encroaching enemy hordes and prevent them from stealing their party's crystals.