Atsushi Okubo


In this story, students attending the Technical School of the Shinigami Weapon Mastery School are all separated and partnered into pairs of “Master” and “Weapon.” The partnered “Masters” and “Weapons” are able to synchronize their souls and reap the souls of evil beings. Don’t miss the battle action of blazing cool souls!

Message from Atsushi Okubo

Greetings to all attendees.
Soul Eater has its roots in Japanese "shonen manga," but it is a work that makes a conscious effort to appeal to a foreign audience. Also, unlike most works in the genre, it does not try to focus on specific themes; rather, I try to make it as fun a read as possible. You could say that it serves is an antithesis to the traditional manga form.
It is my hope that readers who are perhaps looking for something that breaks the traditional mold may find it in this work.

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