Tactics Ogre: REBORN Tactics Ogre: REBORN

Tactics Ogre: REBORN

Tactics Ogre: REBORN

TOKYO (Nov. 11, 2022)- SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD today announced that Tactics Ogre: Reborn, a remake edition of the beloved tactical RPG is now available for the PlayStation®5 (PS5™) console, the PlayStation®4 (PS4™) console and PC via STEAM®.
For customer who purchase the physical version of "Tactics Ogre: Reborn" at local stores, "Tactics Ogre: Reborn" original postcard set will be gifted as an early purchase order bonus.


※Limited quantity available.
※Please contact your local stores and retailers for more details.

What is "Tactics Ogre: Reborn"

Based on the 2010 release, the game features improved graphics and sound, as well as updated game design, bringing to life a new Tactics Ogre that remains true to its roots.


The Valerian Isles, jewels of the Obero Sea. Long a center of naval commerce, the people of the isles struggled throughout history for dominion over her shores.

Finally there rose a man to put an end to this conflict: Dorgalua Oberyth. But history would know him as the "Dynast-King." King Dorgalua strove to stamp out the hatred among the people of the isles, and for fully half a century, Valeria knew prosperity.

Yet upon the king's death, civil war erupted anew as three factions vied for control: the Bakram, who comprised much of Valeria's nobility; the Galgastani, whose people made up the majority of the isles' population; and the Walister, who numbered but few.

The isles were soon divided between the Bakram and Galgastani, and an uneasy peace settled across the land. Yet none believed the calm would last...

Tactics Ogre features a branching story with multiple endings, where the developments in the story and its eventual conclusion will depend on the player's choices.

Our story unfolds from the perspective of a young man named Denam, the game's main character. The destinies of those he meets and the history of Valeria will be shaken by the decisions he finds himself compelled to take. All kinds of shocking developments await the player - from characters who turn from friend to foe if the player's actions go against their beliefs, to the chance for encounters with entirely new characters.


Tactics Ogre: Reborn

Genre Strategy RPG
Number of players 1
Release date 2022/11/11*
Platform PlayStation®️5,PlayStation®️4,Nintendo Switch,Steam


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