Gamin’ Anglin’ Report: DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS 2 - Khrumbul-Dun Gamin’ Anglin’ Report: DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS 2 - Khrumbul-Dun

Gamin’ Anglin’ Report: DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS 2 - Khrumbul-Dun

Gamin’ Anglin’ Report: DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS 2 - Khrumbul-Dun

In this Gamin’ Anglin’ Report, we’ll be going on a fishing trip in the world of DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS 2 (DQB2).

(This article features gameplay from DQB2’s second DLC pack. To fish in-game, purchase of the second DLC pack (Aquarium Pack) is required.)

Hello, I’m Okemoto, a writer who LOVES games. I’ll be your guide for this Gamin’ Anglin’ Report.

Today we’ll be finding out what you can catch in DBQ2.

Rumor has it there are marlin in the waters of Khrumbul-Dun. I’m hoping we can land a real whopper. Well, let’s get out there!

Desert and more desert! Welcome to Khrumbul-Dun


I arrive by boat to the Land of Golden Sands.
Nothing but desert, this bone-dry island once had quite the gold rush!


Head underground, and aside from the mines dug in search of ore...

column07_dragonquest-builders2_03.jpg’ll also find a mysterious subterranean lake. There are bound to be some fish.

So, let’s get the day’s angling underway!

Fishing on Khrumbul-Dun


Dangle your line, and before long you’ll see the outline of a fish. The moment it chomps down on your bait, pull back.

And then...reel in like your life depends on it!


Our first catch! It’s a cute one, an angelfish.
A fine start, but it doesn’t seem like this cave has marlin...
Different locations have different fish species, and the block type you stand on when fishing affects what you can catch, too.

All right, off to another spot—this time by the pier.


And right off the bat, look at that! There’s a pretty big shadow... I’m feeling pretty optimistic here.


Whoa! It’s massive!

I just caught a whopping great humphead wrasse! That pure blue color is positively radiant.


I nabbed myself a whopping great squid a little after that, but it doesn’t look like we’ll be finding any marlin.
And they’re what I’m really after today! So I begin heading toward another spot, walking right along the sea, and...


I tripped and fell into the water!
Not a moment later, a mermaniac emerged and I was instantly done for. Who knew the sea could be this dangerous?

But wait a minute... If these waters are home to Merman-type monsters, there should be deep-sea fish, too. With any luck, we ought to find marlin here!


Putting that run-in with the mermaniac behind me, I cast my line again. ...Ooh, that’s a pretty big shadow down there. This might be the one...


And just like that, an epic catch! It’s a whopping great moonfish.
It’s not a marlin, sure, but this is pretty awesome nevertheless.

Let’s keep going, and find ourselves that marlin. I’ll fish as long as it takes.

And look! That’s the biggest shadow yet! Could it be...?


This is it!


A bite! I’ve got a bite! This one’s gonna be a challenge to pull in. Gotta stay calm and not let it get away—reel ’er in with zeal, but with nerves like steel, I always say.

Goodness me!


A marlin! I finally did it!
Just look at its bill! It’s enormous!

Just look at its bill! It’s enormous!


Check it out!


I did it, everyone!

Building a fish cage to hold your catches

I may have my marlin at last, but that doesn’t mean we’re done. In DQB2, you can keep the fish you’ve caught in an aquarium or fish cage!

The Isle of Awakening is where many of my building projects are focused, and I think it’ll make a good new home for my marlin.


I put some netting up by the island’s pier to make a fish cage. Now to let my fish free, and let ‘em get back to what they do best, namely swimming.


There we go! Just look at that marlin in motion!

Even Malroth is impressed! I’m as happy as a clam!


With a few more fish in there, it’s looking nice and colorful.


To top things off, I make a gold-block platform overlooking the fish cage. Here I can kick back with some Prickly Pop and soak in the spectacle of my haul.
If you’re more ambitious than me, you can even build your very own aquarium. If you can imagine it, you can probably build it for your fish to bob around in.


It’ll take some doing, but you can even make stuff as amazing as this.
There’s loads of room to get creative.

You can check out what other builders have come up with below. Have a marvel at their masterpieces!

Builders’ Gallery posts with #aquarium tag

A fishing expedition to remember


We were out there a good two hours today, and it honestly flew by. Above you can see all the types of fish I caught—17 in total. With DQB2’s second DLC pack, you can get a whopping 40 types, as I understand it.

If you want a builder game that teaches you about block-building and all the things you can do, all while progressing with the story, I recommend DBQ2! And while you can fish in plenty of other games, DBQ2 offers a unique experience with how you can make things like fish cages and aquariums using blocks.


Anyway, I’ll be spending the rest of my day here, gazing out at my fish. You take care now.



The Children of Hargon cult has returned to destroy the world! The cultists consider builders, with their creative abilities, as public enemy number one, and have enacted a plot to eradicate them all...

Have fun in a DRAGON QUEST world made of blocks! You can utilize your imagination to build your very own island, working together with your best pal Malroth, man of mystery! Purchase the Aquarium Pack DLC, and you can even fish too!

Available on PlayStation®4, Nintendo Switch™, Xbox One, and PC (Microsoft Store, Steam®)! 

Author: Okemoto, Editing: Note


(All screenshots shown here are from the Japanese version of the PlayStation®4 edition of the game.)

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