"FINAL FANTASY PIXEL REMASTER SERIES" Nintendo Switch・PlayStation 4 Version Simultaneous worldwide release on April 20, 2023!

SQUARE ENIX announced that the beloved FINAL FANTASY pixel remaster series, previously only available on Steam®and mobile platforms, is launching for the PlayStation®4 (PS4) console and Nintendo Switch™ system on April 20, 2023. Nintendo Switch version is available to digital pre-order now.

In FINAL FANTASY pixel remastered series, players can expect some unique features for the PlayStation4 and Nintendo Switch version, including the option to switch between the rearranged and original-based soundtrack for the game. Additionally, PlayStation4 and Nintendo Switch players can also expect additional boost features to expand gameplay options, including switching off random encounters and adjusting experience gained multipliers between zero and four.

Nintendo Switch・ PlayStation 4 Version will release on April 20, 2023!
On April 20, 2023, the six titles in the FINAL FANTASY PIXEL REMASTER SERIES(FFI~FFVI)will launch on Nintendo Switch・PlayStation4. The product pages for digital version is now available.

Enjoy the original-based BGM!Features of Nintendo Switch ・PlayStation 4
In PlayStation4 and Nintendo Switch version, the option to switch between the rearranged and original-based soundtracks are added allowing players to enjoy an experience closer to the original game. In addition, boost features including switching off random encounters and adjusting experience gain have been added for a more casual and wider range in playing style.

FFPIXELREMASTER_20230412_01.jpg FFPIXELREMASTER_20230412_02.jpg

BGM can be switched between both options in the sound player.

Early Purchase Bonus
Players who purchase the digital version of the game by May 25, 2023 will receive original wallpapers, PlayStation4 Theme and Avatar in accordance to the individual game(s) purchased from the FINAL FANTASY PIXEL REMASTER SERIES. (Players who purchase the FINAL FANTASY I-VI BUNDLE will receive all bonuses to be received in purchase of all six titles.)

◆Nintendo Switch (Physical/Digital Bonus)
Original Wallpaper

FFPIXELREMASTER_20230412_03.jpg FFPIXELREMASTER_20230412_04.jpg
FFPIXELREMASTER_20230412_05.jpg FFPIXELREMASTER_20230412_06.jpg

※Images are an example from FINAL FANTASY I and FINAL FANTASY VI. There are other types such as portrait format and other sizes.
※Bonus for physical version will be available only for the initial production.

◆PlayStation 4 (Digital only Bonus)
Original Theme&Avatar

FFPIXELREMASTER_20230412_07.jpg FFPIXELREMASTER_20230412_08.png

※Partial example from FINAL FANTASY IV

Please check the product page for more details.

What is "Final Fantasy pixel remastered"?
2D remaster of series of 6 titles from FINAL FANTASY to FINAL FANTASY VI is addressed as FINAL FANTASY PIXEL REMASTER SERIES
Each titles have revived from the original version with vivid 2D graphics and sound and is currently available on Steam and smartphones. Also planned to release on April 20, 2023 for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation4.



ジャンル RPG
プレイ人数 1人
発売日 iOS/Android/Steam:発売中 Switch/PS4:2023/4/20
対応機種 PlayStation®️4、Nintendo Switch、Steam、iOS、Android


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